Vice-Captain Pam introduces her nominee for Vice-Captain 2018 – Marie Harpur

At the Ladies Bumper dinner, and Club Trophies Presentation on Tuesday last, 24th October 2017, Vice-Captain Pam proposed, Marie Harpur as her nominee for Vice-Captain of the Ladies Club for 2018. A very popular choice, the announcement was greeted with universal approval by all those present.

Marie, together with her husband David, and son James, has been a member of Newlands for many years, she has served on several committees, has represented Newlands in inter-Club matches, and in all of these roles has shown initiative, leadership and dedication. She is a keen bridge player, and always willing to take a gamble to make a contract!

Our 2017 Vice-Captain Pam, commented how deserving Marie was of the honour and how she looked forward to working with her, alongside Captain Jack and his nominee Lex Flavin (and we send Lex the congratulations of everyone in the Ladies Section) and the Management Team for the good of Newlands Golf Club in 2018.

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