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Click Here Newlands Golf Club Electronic Scorecard

The Newlands Scorecard provides the golfer with all the information he/she requires to play a round.


The front of the score contains the main Local Rules that need to be observed when playing. The Local Rules explain the Out of Bounds areas, Movable Obstructions, Immovable Obstructions. Ground Under Repair (GUR) as well as clarifying the Integral Parts of the Course. The card also sets out the guidelines to reduce Slow Play. There is also a map of the course to assist players navigate the course as they play.


The back of the card contains the scorecard itself for recording all the details of the golf round. Newlands is a Par 71 course for Men and Par 73 for Ladies. The Men’s course is 5,960 metres in length and has four Par 3s, eleven Par 4s and three Par 5s. The Ladies’ course is 5,155 metres and consists of four Par 3s and nine Par 4s and five Par 5s.


When submitting a scorecard in an official competition, each player must ensure that the following area entered on the card:

  • The COMPETITION name
  • STROKES RECIEVED in relevant competitions (e.g. Foursomes, Teams, etc.)
  • SCORE for each individual hole
  • PLAYER’S signature
  • MARKER’S signature

In addition there is space on the card to record Stableford points and the overall total for the round (both Gross and Net)

Local Rules

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