Monday Evening Golf

Monday Evening Golf
In 2017 the Junior Committee decided to experiment with evening golf for our Academy players. The 2016 season had seen a very poor turnout for morning golf in June and July with only a small improvement in August.
This gave beginners a very short season in which to pick up the basics of golf and more importantly to make and keep new friends. It was also difficult for working parents to drop and collect children at what can be a very unfriendly family time. Moving to evening s would give parents the opportunity to stay and play with their children. The JC had become aware that children who played even occasionally with their parents made significantly more progress than others.
The four Mondays of May were selected for the initiative. It was decided to start at 19:00 and to use the first and second holes leaving the rest of the course for casual golf. We were unsure how many juniors would arrive and even unsure about the help we would get from parents.
In the event there was no cause for concern. During the four weeks over 40 children played with at least 30 present each night. Parents took a very active role in assisting and instructing children. Most juniors were happy to play scrambles but even in the short time some children were already progressing to singles golf.
There was a small party in the bar on the final Monday in May. Dave, our catering manager, provided platters of finger food which disappeared at record speed. The excellent atmosphere which had been evident on the course was carried into the clubhouse. It was lovely to see so many kids enjoying themselves with their new friends. There was certainly a buzz in Newlands during May which hasn’t been felt for a long time.
None of this would have been possible without the support of the ordinary members who have been very generous in allowing juniors special tee time. Any adult members we’ve met on the nights have been very encouraging to both the juniors and the junior committee. It’s much appreciated.
We have two more Mondays in June scheduled for our Academy and Parents. Despite the great turnout we know that there are many beginners who have still to make an appearance. We can assure all non handicap players and their parents that they will be more than welcome to play in June. There’s no pressure to be good but we can guarantee a good time for all.

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