Golfer Of The Year 2017

The Golfer of the Year is competed for annually over eight of the scheduled competitions. The included competitions are identified by the letters GOY in brackets after the competition title. In 2017 the included competitions are the 3 T’s, the Lombard Trophy, the Dr Butler Cup, the Professionals Prize, the PGA Tankard, Trophies Day and the Presidents Prize. The top 10 players are awarded points- 10, 9, 8 etc – based on their finishing position. It is a league format throughout. 


NameThe 3 TsLombard TrophyDr ButlerPros PrizeVice CaptainsPGA TankardTrophies DayPresidents PrizeTotal Points
Peter Kennedy Jnr0800009017
Jim Maher00060001016
Cian Coghlan8700000015
Barry Connell9005000014
Stephen Van Loon0000100910
Jim McAuliffe00000010010
John Kent0007000310
Gerald M Murphy7000003010
Paul Finlay00000100010
Karl Byrne00001000010
Paul Hackett00010000010
Conor D O’Brien01000000010
Paul Green10000000010
Thomas Dunne Snr0460000010
Oisin Reilly00100000010
Robert Byrne000009009
Brian O’Reilly000090009
David J Byrne000900009
Kieran Perry405000009
John Chambers090000009
A J Crinion009000009
Michael Tolan000080008
Robert Bolton000000088
Ian McDunphy000000808
Stephen Cooke000008008
David Walsh000800008
Anthony Brannock008000008
Evan Hollowed000000077
Michael Gilmartin000000707
David Tyrell000070007
Gregory Swift000007007
David Errity200005007
Brian Finn007000007
Lex Flavin000000066
Maurice A Lynch Jnr020004006
Con Carroll000000606
Conor Faughnan000060006
James Mountaine000006006
Jonathan Mooney060000006
Joseph Denvir600000006
Patrick McCann003000025
Francis Carroll000050005
Jimmy Cullen000000505
Paul J Errity500000005
Martin Croft050000005
Brian Raymond000000055
Dermot Usher000000404
Rory Campion000040004
Philip Knowles000000044
Jason Long000400004
Dean Hollowed004000004
John Carroll000030003
Vivian Giles000003003
Gerard Kennedy000300003
Ray Colgan300000003
Niall Kelly030000003
James Blaney000020002
Terrance McGovern000000202
Dylan Harbourne000200002
Damien Long000002002
Robert White002000002
Niall Turner100000001
Paul Skelly010000001
James Franey Jnr001000001
Mark Dunne000100001
Paddy Butler000001001
Fergal Scolard000000101
Adam Carroll000000011
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