Junior 2017 Overview

The Junior Section of Newlands GC has a long history. Many fine golfers have come through the ranks including our former and present Captains Captain Tony Brannock and Paddy Butler.

2017 will see just under 150 members in the Junior Section. There are many clubs who are not as strong as this.  We have 40 girls and 110 boys. Handicap wise we 23 players with 18 h/caps or lower, while 25 more are between 19-36 h/caps. We are especially proud that our Junior Captain, Cameron Raymond, holds the course record for Newlands with a score of 65.


Junior golf is about more than course records. The vast majority of our members will never reach these lofty heights but they can still have a long and happy golfing career. We see all of our juniors as potential senior members, in many cases carrying on a family tradition of Newlands membership.

Newlands GC has taken a very innovative approach to putting in place a seamless transition from junior to senior membership. As a Junior Committee we see our role as providing a safe sporting environment for young people to enjoy golf before becoming senior golfers.

In practice this means organising suitable competitions and coaching within the club. To aid us in this we have adopted a scheme where children first play in scrambles, then move to playing 5/6 holes from forward junior tees. This is followed by playing 9 holes from junior tees and finally 9 holes from red/white tees. Once an acceptable standard is reached junior handicaps are allocated and juniors advance to 18 hole golf.

 Our calendar for 2017 is quite ambitious with events planned from April to October. Our Junior Captains, Orlaith and Cameron, will drive in on Saturday 1st April. April will focus on coaching our less experienced members in preparation for the reintroduction of evening golf in May. Our star juniors have promised their support but the active participation of parents and sponsors is vital to the success of this initiative.

Our regular Monday /Thursday competitions will run from June to August. These are primarily aimed at our 18 hole players but we actively encourage less capable players to play as often as possible. We intend to run a number of Senior/Junior scrambles From September –October. These are essential in growing links between the various parts of the club.

In conclusion it’s important to note that even the most comprehensive junior programme cannot compare to the benefits gained from young people playing with their parents. Even a few holes a week can make am immense difference.

Together we can ensure that you’re children enjoy their golf and time in Newlands.


Newlands is easily accessible from the M50 and Naas Road Dual Carriageway.  Passengers crossing the newly constructed flyover at Newlands Cross get a lovely view of the 6th and 7th holes.  The course is a mere 13 kilometres from Dublin City in the suburb of Clondalkin.  Many members in the club are from the local environs of Templeogue, Tallaght, Lucan, Rathfarnham and of course Clondalkin itself.  However, Newlands prides itself on having extending a warm welcome to all.  We hope you consider visiting us.  There is an application process should you wish to apply for membership. 

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