Easter Messages

A very Happy Easter to all of you from everyone in Newlands Golf Club. A Big Thank You to Mary Glynn for her video on how to create a very beautiful Easter Flower Arrangement which we sent out to Ladies via BRS and WhattsApp (see below attachment). Hopefully some of you will be able to re-create.   We had great enjoyment watching it, but the raffle with a quick-fire question to our WhattsApp group caused a flurry of excitement.   Patricia Heffernan was first to get back with correct answer and won the first beautiful arrangement.   Eileen Keating got there in nick of time to win the second arrangement.  

Hope you all enjoy!!!

(Video of flower arrangements click here)


We are all grateful to Trisha Errity( Psychotherapist) for putting a video together with some tips on how to manage stress levels during these challenging times. Watch out for next 3 Mondays as Trish is doing a series of 4 exercises altogether.   The first one which went out last Monday (see below attachment) was on ‘How to relax the Body’. Second one will help us ‘Manage our Thoughts’, third one will ‘Help us Ground Ourselves’ and the fourth one will ‘Help us if we are worried about our Loved Ones’ .

We will be having more ideas in next few weeks for your enjoyment.

In meantime, Keep Safe.



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