Club Honours Ladies – 2017

Golfer of the Year

The Golfer of the Year trophy is awarded to the competitor with the most points accrued from twelve qualifying competitions played throughout the golfing season.  Points are awarded for the following competitions: – Captain’s prize, Vice-Captain’s prize, President’s prize to the Ladies, Professional’s prize, Men’s Captain’s prize and monthly medals.

The Golfer of the Year Trophy was presented to the Ladies by Shay Lynch of Irish Rubies Limited in 1988.

Previous Winners

1988 Pat Turner  1989 Mary O’Mahony 

1990 Maureen Moore  1991 Olive Kennedy 1992 Edna Cotter  1993 Olive Kennedy  1994 Margaret McGrane  1995  Maeve Halpin  1996 Margaret Hughes  1997  Sophia McFadden  1998 Rosemary Murphy  1999 Mary K O’Mahony

2000 Mary K O’Mahony  2001 Fiona Ryan  2002 Fiona Ryan  2003 Wanda O’Neill  2004 Siobhan Kiely  2005 Alma Doyle  2006 Ciara Butler  2007 Siobhan Byrne  2008 Siobhan Byrne  2009 Siobhan Byrne

2010 Ann Marie Lawley  2011 Orla Heffernan  2012 Eileen O’Meara  2013 Orla Heffernan  2014 Sophia McFadden  2015 Lorraine Faughnan  2016 Clare Delahunty  2017 Amy Condon

Golfer of the Year, 2017 - Amy Condon, receiving her prize from (2017) Captain Siobhán Byrne

Captain Siobhán Byrne's Prize to the Ladies, 2017
Winner - Bernadette Flynn

Captain's Prize

Previous Winners

1973 Marie Corrigan 1976 Mary O’Mahoney 1979 Eileen Curran

1981 Ann Moran 1982 Anna Usher 1983 Kay O’Neill 1984 Sheila Butler 1985 Deirdre Balfe 1986 Louise Walsh 1987 Therese Buffini 1988 Margaret Malone 1989 Mary Rice

1990 Kay O’Neill 1991 Maeve Murphy 1992 Ena Foran 1993 Sheilagh Keogh 1994 Cait Conlon 1995 Mary Hackett 1996 Margaret Hughes 1997 Marie Fitzgerald 1998 Sophia McFadden 1999 Marie Sealy

2000 Emer O’Neill 2001 Terry Keogh 2002 Clare Keegan 2003 Margaret Hughes 2004 Louise Halpin 2005 Alma Doyle 2006 Carmel Ryan 2007 Clare Delahunty 2008 Patsy Mitchell 2009 Mary K O’Mahony

2010 Sandra Rothwell  2011 Denise Tobin 2012 Amanda Farrell 2013 Esme Murphy 2014 Carmel Bradshaw 2015 Louise Halpin 2016 Patricia O’Leary  2017 Bernadette Flynn


The Alice Perry Ladies Scratch Cup, 2001

A monthly general committee meeting was held at the Black Lion Pub in Inchicore in October 2001 to commemorate many similar meetings held at the venue that planned the move from Robin Hood that led to the establishment of Newlands Golf Club.

An Irish Times feature article regarding the historical nature of the meeting was observed by two grandchildren of Alice Perry, who was in 1924, the winner of the Captain’s (Mr J. Kearney) at Robin Hood Golf Club. They arrived at the meeting at the Black Lion Pub and presented the Cup to the 2001 Captain, Aidan Keogh, who in turn presented it to the Ladies section for an annual scratch cup competition, now known as the Alice Perry Cup.

Previous winners of the Alice Perry Ladies Scratch Cup

2002 Leonie Keogh  2003 Leonie Keogh  2004 Adrienne Moran  2005 Leonie Keogh  2006 Adrienne Moran  2007 Ciara Butler  2008 Ciara Butler 2009  Leonie Keogh  2010 Ciara Butler  2011 Orla Heffernan  2012 Anne-Marie Hughes  2013 Esme Murphy  2014 Esme Murphy  2015 Rebecca Carroll  2016 Esme Murphy  2017 Eva Coghlan


(2017) Captain Siobhán Byrne presents the Alice Perry Scratch Cup to the 2017 winner - Eva Coghlan

2017 Kellsboro Cup Winner - Helen Conway
with (2017) Captain Siobhán Byrne

Kellsboro Jack Cups 1933

Two Cups were presented in 1933 by Mr. P.J. Muldowney and  Mr. J.T. Hartigan as a tribute to the performance of a horse named “Kellsboro Jack” which won the English Grand National at Aintree in that year. Both men were members of the Club and held the winning ticket in the Irish Sweepstakes on the race. The Kellsboro Jack Cups are played for annually.

Previous winners of the Kellsboro Jack Cup

1933 Miss M Doherty 1934 Miss J Stapleton 1935 Miss E Grennan 1936 Miss P Magee 1937 Miss M Hawe 1938 Mrs Murphy 1939 Miss M Doherty

1940 Miss D Archer 1941 Miss H Gaffney 1942 Miss C Halton 1943 Miss P O’Connor 1944 Miss A Burke 1945 Mrs B Muldowney 1946 1947 Miss M Deveney 1948 Mrs M Carroll 1949 Mrs F Donleavy

1950 Miss S Murphy 1951 Miss M O’Neill 1952 Miss M Barry 1953 Miss J O’Reilly 1954 Miss M Murray 1955 Miss E O’Neill 1956 1957 1958 1959 Mrs A O’Callaghan

1960 Mrs M Murphy 1961 Miss D Poole 1962 Miss N Connell 1963 Miss N Connell 1964 Mrs J Carroll 1965 Mrs D Crowley 1966 Miss M Jones 1967 Miss M M Hughes 1968 Miss M Cosgreave 1969 Mrs B Daly

1970 Miss K Leamy 1971 Mrs P Roche 1972 Mrs J Kiernan 1973 Mrs L Quinn 1974 Miss N Connell 1975 Miss N Connell 1976 Miss A Corrigan 1977 Mrs L Quinn 1978 Mrs E Curran 1979 Mrs M Corrigan

1980 Mrs L Quinn 1981 Mrs Ruth Dromey 1982 Kay O’Neill 1983 Chris Ryan 1984 Kay O’Neill 1985 Kay O’Neill 1986 Kay O’Neill 1987 Mary O’Mahoney 1988 Sheilagh Keogh 1989 Sheilagh Keogh

1990 Maureen Moore 1991 Mary O’Mahoney 1992 Ann-Marie Hughes 1993 Maura Quinn 1994 Margaret Jones 1995 Una Tolan 1996 Josephine Kinsella 1997 Mary O’Mahoney 1998 Sheila Church 1999 Valerie Maher

2000 Mary O’Mahoney 2001 Fiona Ryan 2002 Valerie Maher 2003 Leonie Keogh 2004 Patricia O’Leary 2005 Anne Croft 2006 Ann-Marie Lawley 2007 Suzanne Kealy 2008 Ann-Marie Lawley 2009 Sandra Rothwell

2010 Eileen Williamson  2011 Anne-Marie Lawley  2012 Louise Halpin  2013 Pat O’Leary  2014 Louise Halpin  2016 Denise Tobin  2017 Helen Conway

The Military Cup (1928)

Presented in 1928 by Military Members, it reflects the strong membership of Newlands by members of the Defence Forces at the time. The first winner was Miss Esther Guinan and the Club holds a replica of the original trophy with Miss Guinan’s name and the date inscribed.

The Cup is presented to the winners of the annual foursomes match play event, traditionally a combination of high and low handicaps.

Previous winners of the Military Cup

1928 Miss Guinan 1929 Mrs Rose 1930 Mrs Stapleton 1931 Mrs Rose 1932 Miss P Magee 1933 Mrs Donnellan 1934 Miss L F McEvoy 1935 Miss L Harris 1936 Miss E Grennan 1937 Miss E Nugent 1938 Mrs E Hawe 1939 Mrs E Hawe

1940 Mrs E Hawe 1941 Miss D Archer 1942 Miss R MacNamara 1943 Miss C Halton 1944 Miss N McKenna 1945 Miss P Magee, Miss A Burke 1946 Mrs F Twamley, Mrs W Williamson 1947 1948 Mrs J H Sheils 1949 Mrs U Cleary

1950 Miss E Nolan 1951 1952 Mrs J Storey, Miss E Harrison 1953 Miss J Lambert, Mrs M McLoughlin 1954 Miss J Lambert, Mrs M McLoughlin 1955 Mrs Dunleavy, Mrs Sweeney 1956 1957 1958 Mrs N Moore 1959 Miss B O’Doherty, Mrs G V Burns

1960 Mrs B Daly, Miss M Cosgreave 1961 Mrs Crowley, Mrs O’Toole 1962 Mrs A O’Callaghan, Miss E Forde 1963 Mrs C Sweeney, Mrs W Boyd 1964 Mrs J Carroll, Miss M Carroll 1965 Mrs A O’Callaghan, Miss E Forde 1966 Miss M Gillen, Miss A Higgins 1967 Mrs C Sweeney, Miss E Harrison 1968 Mrs G Kiernan, Mrs W Boyd 1969 Miss M Hughes, Miss M Grace

1970 Mrs M Davitt, Mrs T O’Neill 1971 Mrs  P J Roche, Miss V McDunphy 1972 Mrs C Sharpe, Mrs G Kiernan 1973 Miss M Hackett, Miss M Hickey 1974 Miss K Ferguson, Mrs T O’Neill 1975 Mrs D Crawley, Mrs P Barry 1976 Mrs M Meehan, Mrs L Walsh 1977 Mrs L Moore, Mrs L Quinn 1978 Miss M Cosgreave, Mrs M Sealy 1979 Mrs W J Quinn, Mrs L Moore

1980 Miss M Cosgreave, Mrs M Sealy 1981 Miss M Cosgreave, Mrs M Sealy 1982 Mairead Bean De Bhall, P Coleman 1983 L McGuirk, B Ward 1984 Kay O’Neill, Florence Weber 1985 Deirdre Balfe, C Conlon 1986 Maura Quinn, Sheilagh Keogh 1987 Patricia O’Leary, M Cosgreave 1988 Florence Weber, Marie Sealy 1989 Iris Whan, Jo Kinsella

1990 Sheilagh Keogh, Maura Quinn 1991 Sheilagh Keogh, Ina Geoghegan 1992 Mary O’Mahoney, Marie Fitzgerald 1993 Sheilagh Keogh, Maura Quinn 1994 M Cosgreave, Marie Fitzgerald 1995 M Cosgreave, Marie Fitzgerald 1996 Margaret Jones, Edna Cotter 1997 Sheilagh Keogh, Florence Weber 1998 E Murphy, Betty O’Hanlon 1999 Sheilagh Keogh, Florence Weber

2000 Sheilagh Keogh, Margaret Carroll 2001 Patricia O’Leary, Carmel Bradshaw 2002 Lylia Crossan, Marie Fitzgerald 2003 Patricia O’Leary, Mary Gough 2004 Sheilagh Keogh, Mary Gough 2005 Anne Heslin, Florence Weber 2006 Anne Croft, Mary Wilson 2007 Olive Mountaine, M Halpin 2008 Mary O’Mahoney, Alma Doyle 2009 Phyllis Hollowed, Sandra Rothwell 2009 Phyllis Hollowed, Sandra Rothwell

2010 Neasa McKiernan, Joan Sheridan 2011 Pat O’Leary, Susan Dunphy 2012 Loretto Keane,  Marian McCreery 2013 Audrey Burke, Marie Fitzgerald 2014 Anne Croft, Eileen Williamson 2015 Anne Croft, Maeve Halpin 2016 M Harpur, Babs Swney 2017 Pauline Curtis, MaryPat Prendergast

2017 Millitary Cup Winners - Pauline Curtis and MaryPat Prendergast

Pauline Curtis and Louise Murphy winners of the Maureen Moore Trophy, 2017 pictured here with (2017) Captain Siobhán Byrne, and Niall and Niamh Moore.

Maureen Moore Match play Trophy (1996)

This cup was presented to Newland Golf Club in 1996 by Louis Moore, a former Treasurer and Committee member of the Club, in memory of his late wife Maureen. A very accomplished golfer who held the course record of 74 for several years, Maureen played off 4 handicap and was a very keen student of the game. Her annual trip with her family to Lahinch for Open Week was a highlight of her year and she represented Newlands proudly with some notable performances.

This fourball match play event is a keenly contested fixture in the Ladies’ calendar.

Previous Maureen Moore match play winners

1996 Olive Kennedy, Margaret Jones 1997 Sheilagh Keogh, Lila Crossan 1998 Sophia McFadden,Jean Kennedy 1999 Janet Slattery, M.K.O’Mahoney

2000 Anne Croft, Mary Carroll 2001 Margaret Hughes, Betty O’Hanlon 2002 Sheilagh Keogh, Adrienne Moran 2003 Sally Mountaine, Phyllis Hollowed 2004 Adrienne Moran, Sheilagh Keogh 2005 Wanda O’Neill, Lynn Cronin 2006 Adrienne Moran, Sheilagh Keogh 2007 Leonie Keogh, Genevieve Tracy 2008 Leonie Keogh, Genevieve Tracy 2009 Ciara Butler, Genevieve Tracy

2010 Sophia McFadden, Clare Delahunty  2011 Sheilagh Keogh, Pat O’Leary  2012 Sheilagh Keogh, Pat O’Leary  2013 Clare Delahunty, Susan Dunphy  2014  Siobhan Byrne, Aisling Neill  2015 Rita Duffy, Bernadette Flynn  2016 Neasa McKiernan, Ann Hughes  2017  Pauline Curtis, Louise Murphy


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