Month: February 2021

Cameron Raymond celebrates maiden win as a PRO

Cameron Raymond celebrated his first title as a PRO wining on the Toro Tour  in Spain last weekend.

Carding 7 birdies in his final round to shoot a magnificent 64 Cameron finished  2 shots ahead of the field on 2 under par.

Congratulations Cameron

February News

A lovely note from our Gardening Committee.

It’s hard to fill our days at the moment but February is here with longer daylight and a real sign that Spring is coming. Our Captain Carmel, has asked us to put together a few tips, how to get joy out of our gardens at this time, as we are all so confined.

Many of you are already gardeners but even if you have never had any interest, now is the time to give it a try. Gardening is about being out in the fresh air and we all know how beneficial that is. It can give us a great sense of calm, satisfaction and enables us to absorb the much needed Vitamin D.

Already all over the gardens there are little bursts of joy with snowdrops being the first bulbs to appear in late January along with hellebores in all their beautiful colours. Daffodils are also adding much wanted colour to our gardens at the moment. Birdsong is also beautiful, especially in the early morning and already small birds can be seen gathering for the nesting season. Nature is wonderful.

It has been very wet and there is more frost to come, so it is an ideal time to plant indoors some annual flower seeds, herbs and salad leaves. A sunny windowsill is all you need to get started. Seedlings can be thinned out later and planted outside when the frost is finished. At that stage, annual flowers can be planted outside in pots and moved around the beds, where there are gaps, or planted straight into the soil.

Some of the favourite annuals are: sweetpea, cosmos, godetia and there are many others. Dahlia tubers and lilies can be started indoors too, these are not annuals and will give pleasure for many years.

We wish you all good health, happy gardening and hope to see you all soon.
A few snowdrops & hellebores from Deirdre’s garden.






Congratulations to Brenda O’Brien on winning the Valentines Quiz.

Runners up prizes going to Lydia Crossan, Babs Sweny, Val Maher and Eileen Roddy.

Also, a huge congratulations to Maria Wims on winning the Valentines Day draw for a meal for two and a bottle of wine when the restaurant re-opens.

*Short Video Challenge:*

When you’re out walking off the pancakes take a short video (60 seconds or less) of anything at all. The choice is yours. It just has to be original. Send it by Whatsapp to Captain Carmel or Eileen O’Driscoll and we’ll put them on this stream. Then you’ll have a chance to vote on your favourite.
Closing date for entries is *Feb 28th*.
Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Good luck!!

Stay Safe,
Captain Carmel

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