Month: April 2020

Mindfulness Exercise No 4 – Concerned about Loved Ones

This is the final exercise in this series of 4 Mindfulness exercises.  This one is focussing on supporting those of us who are concerned or worried about loved ones, either those who are ill and/or those who are working on the front line. 

We hope it is of some help.

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Some Changes to MasterScoreBoard

We have added an online “score input” button to Masterscoreboard to facilitate remote recording of scores should it be required whenever Golf Resumes in Newlands.

To allow you check out the option and test it works for you we have created some test competitions to allow you experience online score input and make sure it works for you.

The new button is the bottom right tile of the Masterscoreboard mobile screen.





Mindfulness Exercise No 3 – Supporting Our Emotional Well Being

We are delighted to post the 3rd video in this series of 4 exercises in how to look after our mental health in these challenging times.  This is the Mountain Exercise and it’s aim is to support our emotional well being and stability. 

We hope you enjoy.

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Make Your Own Immune System Boosting Drink

Hello everyone

Our very own Nicola Kearns has kindly given of her time to make this interesting video.  She shows us how we can make our own Tumeric Bug drink which is an excellent booster for our immune systems which we could all so with these days.  Thank you Nicola for your time and we hope you all enjoy.

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Course Updates April 16th

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