Month: November 2018

Golf Ireland – One Governing Body – Podcast

The GUI and ILGU have published a proposal for a single governing body for golf in Ireland. Clubs will vote on this proposal in January 2019.

 To give a better understanding on what the new body will do and how it will be for the good of the game, Pat Finn (CEO, GUI) and Sinead Heraty (CEO, ILGU) took part in a recent podcast where they answered questions from golfers about the plan.

 We encourage you to listen to the podcast on one of the channels below:




 If you have questions about the proposal that you would like the CEOs to address in a future podcast, please email your questions to 

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Captain Jack Dunne’s Dinner – Saturday 17th November 2018

Captain Jack Dunne’s Dinner this Saturday 17th November 2018

Reception 7:30pm Dinner 8pm

Booking List in the main hall or contact the Office or Restaurant at 01/4593157

Thank you for your support


Prawn & Smoked Salmon Platter


Homemade Cream of Vegetable Soup


Fillet of Beef served with Peppercorn Sauce


Fillet of Hake with Caper Salsa

Served with a selection of Market Vegetables Baby and

Creamed Potatoes


Homemade Apple Tart


Lemon Meringue Pie

Cheese Board

Tea/Coffee served with After Dinner Mints

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