Month: February 2018

Junior Locker Room (Locker Allocation 2018)

The Junior Committee has put a considerable amount of work into renovating the Junior Room. With the help of Club Members, especially Michael O’Reilly and Aidan Wynne, the room has been freshly painted, excess furniture had been removed and a comfortable 3 piece suite is in place. We hope this will make the Junior Room a relaxed friendly meeting place for all our juniors.
A major addition to the Junior Room was the construction of lockers exclusively for junior use. These have been in place for over 4 years. The original intention was that lockers would be used by players on a daily basis as a way of keeping clubs or equipment safe while playing or between games. With only 12 lockers it was never intended to be a solution for all golfers but it was expected that regular golfers would have access as required.
In the event the lockers have rarely been available to most juniors. Lockers have been used as private lockers with juniors retaining keys on a long term basis. This may be understandable but it is not fair and cannot be accepted through 2018.
As an alternative we are suggesting that a number of lockers be given to juniors on a seasonal basis. We are aware that some juniors have difficulty accessing the club while carrying clubs. We hope that assisting those in particular need will free up the other lockers for the daily use which was their original intention.
We are asking any junior who feels they would benefit from having a locker to write a short note or mail giving brief reasons why they should be given priority in allocating keys. Karen Hughes continues the role of managing the Junior Room and all communications regarding the Junior Room and lockers should be addressed to Karen @
A decision on the allocation of lockers will be made by a subcommittee chaired by Karen Hughes in March 2018.

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